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Deadbolt Locks: Guaranteed Safe and Cheap


By now, you should know that home security has been taken to a whole new level. Gone are the days when families, business owners and typical citizens are highly susceptible to crimes like burglary and robbery. Today, the kind of security tools available to us meet the growing demand for tighter and tougher measures to guarantee home and personal safety.

While alarm systems are fast becoming popular in the market, a significant amount of buyers still favor the traditional locks that most of us grew up on. The variety of locks designed and produced are made to solve evolving problems about safety and security.One of the most salable locks in the industry is the deadbolt; residential and commercial establishments alike find it very useful because of its simple, effective design and affordable price.

The deadbolt is generally just another type of lock, however, its design differentiates it from the rest. Unlike others, the deadbolt has either one or multiple cylinders which is connected to a latching device, this feature makes the lock more resistant to both force and pressure – something that is rarely found in other locking devices. In addition, it can only be opened through its key; therefore no key means no entry.
There are three common types of deadbolts; the first would be the single cylinder, the second is the double cylinder and the last is the keyless entry deadbolt. The single cylinder deadbolt has an external cylinder entry point where the key is placed. The metal latch allows the locking and unlocking of the device. The double cylinder is quite similar, it is also operated through a key, but accessing – locking and unlocking will require the key. This lock is most effective for glass doors. Meanwhile, the keyless entry deadbolt  as its name implies does not need a key. It is locked and unlocked through a pattern or code which is entered in its keypad. Some keyless deadbolts may be accessed remotely, similar to those found in cars, sometimes they even send audio or visual signals to confirm that the device is locked.
As the deadbolt provides higher and stronger levels of security, buyers usually place them at the front door or at the back door. Remember that Infographic we posted a few weeks back? Recent FBI Crime Reports show that 34% of all residential burglaries gain access through the front door. So that area should definitely be secured by all means.
Deadbolts can be used on its own but some users prefer to pair it with other types of lock especially in the main door. For people living apartment complexes, where everyone literally come and go, the deadbolt will come in very handy. Treat is as a second layer of security – robbers may be able to break the primary lock but if they don’t have the key to the deadbolt, then entry is not possible. And while it does not eliminate the possibility of burglary, the deadbolt definitely lessens crimes and posts a bigger challenge to people with unpleasant intentions. As added safety measures, you can also improve your door security by placing strikeplates and 3-4 inch long nails as well. See our Twitter entry here.
Deadbolts have had very good reviews over the past years (very trusted and cheap to acquire) but if you feel that you need more security or you simply want to double or triple the safety of your home and family, go on and get an advanced home security system, thinking ahead won’t hurt either.