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Never Lose Your Keys Again: Some Practical Tips

One of the last things that any person would want to lose are his keys. Just imagine the trouble of being locked out of your home or car, how much more if you’re caught up in the rain or running late for a meeting? It will be a total disaster and will most likely create a negative impact on the day ahead. The good thing about losing your keys, like any unwanted situation, is that it can be avoided. It just takes some organization and serious follow through so you will never have to lose your car or home keys ever again.

1. Use a key hook or tray, make sure that you always put your keys in either of them so when you need them, you know exactly where you will find them. It is best that you place the key hook or key tray to an accessible place; the table next to the main door, in or above the fridge, in your bedside – these are fool proof areas where you can store your key hooks or trays.

2. If you happen to be an extremely busy person with so much going on in your head, you are most likely to forget things – your car or home keys included. So if organizing your keys is not enough, get yourself reminded of the things you should not forget by putting notes all over your house. It may sound a bit silly but if it’s what you need, and then it should be what you get. Put something like “Don’t forget your keys” in the main door or in your closet, so before you leave the house, you’re sure that you have them. Remembering that you’ve forgotten your keys when you’re already locked out does not make sense.

3. Use key chains. And when we say key chains, do not limit yourself to the Hello Kitty or Spiderman inspired key chains that we usually use. Sure, these ones work but if you’re suffering from a severe case of forgetfulness, then try attaching your keys to your ID, parking pass, door pass, wallet and for women your make up kits. You’re sure to be carrying these said items everyday so you’re also less likely to forget your keys if you attach it to them.

4. Resort to technology. With the kind of technology that we have today, almost everything was made easy and that includes finding lost objects, especially your keys. There are gadgets designed to locate lost keys through a transmitter, radiating sounds so you can track where your keys are. These are operated through a main controller and may be a bit pricey.

5. Have spare keys. Now, we know that the issue we’re trying to solve here is not losing your keys again. However, it always pays to think ahead and have a safety net every so often. Making sure that you have spare keys is a great way of saving yourself when the pieces of advice mentioned above are not observed. Just make sure that your spare keys are kept in a safe area like the inner pocket of your bag or in your wallet. Also, make sure that you remember where you keep it.

In the very unfortunate event that none of these proved effective and you still end up losing your keys, feel free to give us a call and schedule a quick appointment with one of our skilled and licensed locksmiths: Fairbanks Lock & Key. 907-374-LOCK(5625)